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  • WSIT enabled webservice

    i was thinking of developing a webservice using WSIT for my new project in the JES environment using Sun AS 8.1.
    I wanted to know the compatibility of Spring ws with WSIT technologies and with AS 8.1.And regarding the liscensing part whether there are any constraints.

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    WSIT is bundled GlassFish V2 (Sun Java System Application Server 8.1). You can download GlassFish for free from It is also tested on Tomcat, works on Jetty [1] and Java SE and supported on JBoss [3].

    Please feel free to post any WSIT specific questions at:




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      Spring ws compatibility with WSIT

      Is spring ws compatible with WSIT technologies and what abt its reliablity.


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        I'm not fully familiar with Spring Web services but my basic reading so far indicates that it does not follow the standard JAX-WS programming model. WSIT-enabled web services built upon the JAX-WS APIs & Annotations defined by JSR 224. Metro (JAX-WS + WSIT) provides secure, reliable, transactional and .NET 3.0 interoperable Web service.

        You can read more about WSIT at


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          Security for webservices

          Thanks Arun.One more Quest..
          What will be the best ws-security implementation for both client and server env.Can u pls explain if you have implimented any of those..Abt their complexities... chances of failure and all those...


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            WSIT provides implementation of WS-Security 1.0 and 1.1, WS-Secure Conversation, WS-Trust and WS-Security Policy. This can be used both on client and service endpoint. And all of this is extensively tested to be interoperable with .NET 3.0.

            I announced the availability of source code of a real-life interoperability scenario where Excel 2007 invokes a Secure and Reliable endpoint deployed on GlassFish at:


            IMHO, WSIT provides the best and most comprehensive WS-Security implementation. I'll leave the decision upto you