Yesterday, I've release a new version of XINS.
XINS is an open-source Web Services framework which accepts several protocols: REST, SOAP, XML-RPC, JSON-RPC, Yahoo! JSON, ...

The specification of the Web Services are written in in simple XML and XINS generates the specifications in HTML and OpenDocument format, the WSDL, the client side Jar, the server side skeleton and War file, and more.

In this 2.0 release, I've improved the integration with the Spring framework with a Spring package.

There is a factory bean for the client, a client interceptor and 2 validators (one for the request and one for the result)
I've also improved the generated POJOs to better match the Java Beans specifications.
I've also added more utilities method in BeanUtils.

More info:
* Web site: http://xins.sourceforge.net/
* Features: http://xins.sourceforge.net/features.html
* Demo: http://xins.sourceforge.net/demo.html
* User guide: http://xins.sourceforge.net/docs/
* Primer: http://xins.sourceforge.net/primer.html