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  • new to webservices and need help


    I am pretty new to web services and I stared to build an application based on the examples distributed with the spring-ws framework.

    At the moment i am stuck.
    Server side looks quite good but i'm not 100% sure if i deployed it right. anyway it shouldn't matter for what is concerning my problem.

    I wanted to use a very basic client for first testings. I used the saaj client example from the airport project and modified it for my project.

    But I must have done something wrong, because every time i end up with such an error code:

    Received SOAP Fault
    SOAP Fault Code :SOAP-ENV:Client
    SOAP Fault String :Validation error

    I assume my problem is in the way i try to create te response on client side.
    here's my code (like the one from the airpot example) and xsd:

    private SOAPMessage createUserRequest() throws SOAPException {
            SOAPMessage message = messageFactory.createMessage();
            SOAPEnvelope envelope = message.getSOAPPart().getEnvelope();
            Name createUserRequestName = envelope.createName("CreateUserRequest", PREFIX, NAMESPACE_URI);
            SOAPBodyElement createUserRequestElement = message.getSOAPBody().addBodyElement(createUserRequestName);
            Name userName = envelope.createName("user", PREFIX, NAMESPACE_URI);
            SOAPElement userElement = createUserRequestElement.addChildElement(userName);
            Name usernameName = envelope.createName("username", PREFIX, NAMESPACE_URI);
            userElement.addAttribute(usernameName, "username").setValue("username");
            Name passwordName = envelope.createName("password", PREFIX, NAMESPACE_URI);
            userElement.addAttribute(passwordName, "pw").setValue("pw");
            Name userToCreateName = envelope.createName("userToCreate", PREFIX, NAMESPACE_URI);
            SOAPElement userToCreateElement = createUserRequestElement.addChildElement(userToCreateName);
            Name userToCreatenameName = envelope.createName("username", PREFIX, NAMESPACE_URI);
            userElement.addAttribute(userToCreatenameName, "username").setValue("username");
            Name passwordToCreateName = envelope.createName("password", PREFIX, NAMESPACE_URI);
            userToCreateElement.addAttribute(passwordToCreateName, "pw").setValue("pw");
            Name userToCreateIsAdminName = envelope.createName("userToCreateIsAdmin", PREFIX, NAMESPACE_URI);
            SOAPElement userToCreateIsAdminElement = createUserRequestElement.addChildElement(userToCreateIsAdminName);
           	return message;
    	public void callWebService() throws SOAPException, IOException,
    			TransformerException {
    		//SOAPMessage request = createEchoRequest();
    		SOAPMessage request = createUserRequest();
    		SOAPConnection connection = connectionFactory.createConnection();
    		SOAPMessage response =, url);
    		if (!response.getSOAPBody().hasFault()) {
    		} else {
    			SOAPFault fault = response.getSOAPBody().getFault();
    			System.err.println("Received SOAP Fault");
    			System.err.println("SOAP Fault Code :" + fault.getFaultCode());
    			System.err.println("SOAP Fault String :" + fault.getFaultString());
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <schema xmlns=""
    	<!-- ++++++++++ +++++++++ Admin Services ++++++++++ +++++++++ -->
    	<!-- ++++++++++ +++++++++ Create User ++++++++++ +++++++++ -->
    	<element name="CreateUserRequest">
    				<element name="user" type="rm:User" />
    				<element name="userToCreate" type="rm:User" />
    				<element name="userToCreateIsAdmin" type="boolean" />
    	<!-- ++++++++++ +++++++++ Complex Objects ++++++++++ +++++++++ -->
    	<!-- ++++++++++ +++++++++ User ++++++++++ +++++++++ -->
    	<complexType name="User">
    			<element name="name" type="string" />
    			<element name="password" type="string" />

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    solved this finally..

    now i know i did completely stupid things. if anyone intersting in the right code, let me know. but i guess that's no real questions if you know how to construct the soap msg properly (which i didn't when i posted here)


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      Yeah, SAAJ allows you to construct invalid SOAP messages. Something I tried to fix by creating the SoapMessage wrapper.