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    I have some question about the MVC!! I read the mvc tutorial. Then I have found an other example. I have tried to realize it but without sucess.

    The differenc between this tutorial and the spring Tutorial was that the developer has get a connection between the Controller and a java Buissnes Logic class in the ...-servlet.xml file instead of the connection in the Contorller class.

    So thats the normal way:
    1)You make a normal java class implements Serializable
    2)Then a Managerclass that has the list ot the normal java class implements Serializable
    3)To use Managerclass in the controller its necassary to declare it in your controllerclass like:
    private Manager myManager;
    4) Its also necessary to wirte in the controller a property tag and declare a bean in the -service.xml

    I read in the other tutorial thats possilbe to use the Managerclass without a declaration (look step 3) ). Its possible when you use the set directive to acces to the Managerclass.

    <bean id="fController"
        <property name="manager">
            <ref bean="manager"/>
    <bean id="manager" class="Manager"/>
    List mList;
    Set mList = manager.getList();
    return ModelAndView........
    So my problem is that i can't establish a connection/insance between the FController, Manager and the ...-servlet.xml

    please can you help me????
    Thx for any help