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    Yes, you are right: the SoapMessageContext has been removed. I don't know what you used it for, but the plain MessageContext should give you the same behavior, though you might have to cast request or response to SoapMessage.

    Let me know if you're missing something.


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      Dear Arjen,

      I have a class that implements MessageEndpoint and checks to see if the MessageContext is an instance of SoapMessageContext and then processes that message.

      I did the casting as you suggested. Thanks. However, now I am having a problem with MessageEndpointAdapterHandler that also does not appear to exist any more. I didn't even realize I was using it but it is in my springws-servllet.xml file that I got from one of the samples a couple of months ago and haven't looked at since.

      The snippet is:

      <bean id="messageEndpointHandlerAdapter"
      class="" sageEndpointHandlerAdapter">
      <property name="messageContextFactory">
      <bean class=" ssageContextFactory"/>

      Is there a replacement for this in 1.0M3 or should it be done completely differently?

      Thanks for your help.

      Best wishes, Ivan
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        The replacement for m4 would be:

          <bean id="handlerAdapter" class="" WebServiceMessageReceiverHandlerAdapter">
            <property name="messageFactory">
               <bean class=""/>


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          Dear Arjen,

          Thank you, you have been amazingly helpful. My application now works fine with 1.0M3 in Tomcat 5.5.20.

          I have (hopefully) one last issue. I am trying to port the application to Apache Geronimo to integrate it with another project that is shipped in Geronimo.

          I am getting the exact problem that you documented elsewhere of the SaajSoapMessageFactory not being found because the container does not support SAAJ 1.3. You suggest there to remove the SAAJ 1.3 jar files and replace them with what the container supports.

          This leads to two questions:

          a. Do I lose anything significant by downgrading to the SAAJ 1.1 that Geronimo supports?

          b. Where does one find SAAJ 1.1 JAR files anyway? I have searched the web, including the Sun site and I couldn't find anywhere to download saaj-api or saal-impl 1.1 version JAR files?

          Thanks again for all your help.

          Best wishes, Ivan


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            I think Geronimo implements J2EE 1.4, so that means that it supports SAAJ 1.2 (using Axis 1.4 as the impementation). So the idea is to compile with SAAJ 1.2, and to not include that in the war, just like you would with any other J2EE library.

            SAAJ 1.3 added SOAP 1.2 support as one of the biggest features. However, most people use SOAP 1.1 anyway, so you don't miss much.


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              Dear Arjen,

              That is the approach I'll take, then. Again thank you very much for all your help.

              Best wishes, Ivan.


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                hi Arjen Poutsma,
                it is possible to give an example or a step by step documentation on how to integrate spring ws with eclipse/easyeclipse without maven?


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                  Well, Maven makes it quite easy to integrate with Eclipse, see

                  Unfortunately, I don't use Eclipse, so I cannot help you any further than this. Perhaps somebody else can help you?


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                    You may install the Maven2 plugin for Eclipse:


                    Create a Maven project and copy the files to your new Eclipse project. Although, it is a Maven project you can use it as usual without Maven. Important here is that you let Eclipse map/use the Maven2 file/folder structure.

                    This approach doesn't need a "Maven installation" as necessary above ;-).