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  • Preparing for Spring-WS 1.0 M3


    In about 10 days, I will be releasing Spring-WS 1.0 Milestone 3. The big thing in this new release is the client-side support (SWS-58). I've been working on this a long time, mostly because I want to get it right, and had to think out the details in the back of my head before I could write and release it.

    Because of the inclusion of client-side code in the package, it was necessary to move all server-specific code to This includes the endpoint classes, MessageDispatcher, etc. Also, there were some cyclic package dependencies which I needed to get rid of before 1.0.

    To find out what has changed, you can look at the changelog, or browse the Maven2-generated javadoc. I will be posting an upgrade guide when I release M3.

    Now, as you might know, the previous M2 release had a annoying issues, basically missing a pom to build the samples. Hopefully, things go more smoothly this time, so that's why I ask you to try out a recent snapshot in the next week or so. In addition to these maven2 and minimal snapshots, I've prepared this full snapshot which also contains the samples. If anything broke (besides the package refactoring mentioned above), let me know by leaving a post in this thread, or by filing a JIRA issue.

    I think this will be the last milestone release before we enter release candidates, so let's make it a successful one!

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    Thanks for the update! Could you tell when will V1.0 RC and V1.0 release be out?


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      I have no big features planned for 1.0: the client-side support was the last one. So hopefully, the RCs will appear soon after the release. 1.0 is planned to be released in the same timespan as Spring 2.1 itself is.


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        In preparation for M3, I've created a little upgrade guide here. Let me know if you miss something.


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          When upgrading I also had to change intHandlerAdapter to ssageReceiverHandlerAdapter.



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            Thanks, I wil add that to the list.