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  • Spring vs Mule

    Hi guys,

    I am still new to web services, so I have a basic question.

    Let's say I have an EJB providing service A (through RMI), a POJO providing service B (in my same VM), and a remote web service providing service C (through SOAP).

    I want to provide a web service D, and to do so I need to call services A, B and C.

    With Spring, I would inject A, B and C into D and then expose D as a web service. I can just write a POJO for D, and Spring will expose it as a web service.

    With Mule, I would expose A, B and C to the bus with the appropriate transformers, call them from D using the bus, and then expose D. Here too D is a POJO.

    When reading about SOA, it says that a bus protects you from the N*M problem, where if you change an M interfaces used by N services, it causes a ripple change fo N*M changes, but by exposing everything in Spring as a web service I can obtain the same result (I think).

    Mule also provde lookup services, but I can use an UDDI server to the same effect.

    Am I missing something? I am not clear on Mule's function....


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    I am moving this thread to "Architecture".
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