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  • Breaking changes in Subversion

    Once again, it was necessary to do make some changes in the Spring-WS code which break your current app. I try and keep changes like these to a minimum, but since SWS is still pre 1.0, it can happen.

    Mainly the changes are related to packages which were too full, or in the wrong location. Mostly package names have changed, and a bit of advanced -use functionality.
    • All EndpointInterceptor implementations (including the PayloadValidatingInterceptor and PayloadLoggingInterceptor) have been moved to their own package ( This is mainly due to the fact that the package was getting too crowded. The SOAP-specific SoapEnvelopeLoggingInterceptor has been moved to
    • EndpointMappings have been moved to separate packages as well. The non-SOAP specific PayloadRootQNameEndpointMapping (and subclasses) has been moved to The SOAP-specific SoapActionEndpointMapping has been moved to This is also due to crowded packages, and also in preparation for Plain Old Xml support, which I'm working on right now. Basically, the idea is to use the same mappings for both SOAP and POX.
    • For those of you who used the SOAP-specific roles property on the EndpointMappings, to indicate the SOAP 1.1 actor or SOAP 1.2 role of the endpoint, there has been a change in that as well. The SoapActionEndpointMapping still has that ability through the "actorsOrRoles" property, because it is SOAP-specific. The PayloadRootQNameEndpointMapping does not, however. If you want to set a actors/roles to this mapping, use the new DelegatingSoapEndpointMapping, which also has the "actorsOrRoles" property, and delegates to any other non-SOAP-specific EndpointMapping (such as the PayloadRootQNameEndpointMapping).

    If that last item didn't make any sense to you, don't worry. You probably don't need it .

    Also, I will be away next week, so I won't be able to reply any questions on the forum.