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  • Axiom Exception Resolver - Fault problems

    I switched from SAAJSoapMessageFactory to the AxiomSOAPMessageFactory (in order to use JiBX marshalling) and when I get web service exceptions they delegate to the exception resolver - but I get the following error:

    IllegalArgumentException: A fully qualified fault code (namespace, prefix, and local part) must be specific for custom fault code.
    at $AxiomSoapBody.addFault(

    When this was setup for SAAJ I didn't have a problem with the exception resolver and I made no changes when flipping over to Axiom? How do I fix this? Is there a different exception resolver configuration when using Axiom as opposed to SAAJ?

    any help would be great. thanks!

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    It does not look like you're using the latest snapshots. I can tell by the classname . We now have nightly builds (see, which you can download from If you're using maven2, it's easy to depend on the jars you want. If you're using ant, then you must download them yourself; unfortunately there is no all-in-one zip yet. I'm working on that.

    Let me know how those latest snapshots work for you.



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      Thanks - however, moving open source libraries to my company's network is quite a process - it took me three weeks to get the 'jibx fix' snapshot moved... is the fault problem a known bug?? How can I work around it to continue on without updating my libraries each night!



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        Well, the fault problem is only showing up because an exception is being thrown somewhere, and that is converted into a fault. So if you (temporarily) remove the exception resolver, you can see what the cause exception is, and we can fix that so that it no longer occurs.


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          That sounds good to me... thanks!


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            endpoint exception resolver required for endpoint?

            I removed the endpoint exception resolver (as suggested) and I started getting null pointer exceptions earlier in the stack (it never got to invoking my endpoint method)... once I re-instated the end point resolver it started getting back to my endpoint again?! SO, it appears the an endpoint resolver is required - if it is not set then a NullPointerException occurs?

            So - any idea what resolver properties are required for the Axiom fault message?

            Has anyone tested using Axiom as the context factory with JiBX as the marshaller?



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              I will try and create a little app that uses JiBX and axiom ASAP. Right now, I'm trying to make aggregated nightly builds, i.e. one zip that contains everything.


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                FYI - I keep tinkering - I figured out that as long as I mapped at least one exception the exception resolver didn't throw a NullPointerException - so I got past that problem (although, I would still like for the Axiom fault handling bug to be fixed?!).

                That said, I got the round-trip Axiom-based JiBX object marshalling to work (one object in, different object out)... abeit without fault handling.

                Let me know if the fault handling is resolved.



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                  Cool, I will investigate the fault handling then.


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                    Well, I created a little application that used both Jibx and Axiom, and have no problems, with or without exception handlers. I am using the current code base however, so it could be that the snapshot you use has a bug. Whatever it was, it has been solved now. :-)

                    If you're interested, I can give you the source. Just drop me a line at arjenp at interface21 dot com.

                    I also did some profiling on the codebase, and increased performance quite drastically. See the other "Performance test" thread on this forum.