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  • FYI: Trick To Lining Up Sample Projects In Eclipse

    Hi, everyone.

    Some of you may not know the trick (or a trick) to lining up the Airline and Echo projects in Eclipse. One of my co-workers discovered it. If you use it, it may cut down much of the "tinker-time" for you, i.e. the time you might otherwise have to spend moving directories around, and fixing up properties and config files. It did for me, at least:

    ( ) Copy the spring web service downloaded dir from, say, here:

    C:\Downloads\Spring\spring-ws-1.0-m1 a new workspace dir, say, here:


    ( ) Start Eclipse and browse to the new workspace dir, but ending down here:


    (Alternatively, you can point Eclipse straight at the download dir.)

    ( ) Create a new "airline" project, taking the option "Create new project in workspace"

    Note that if you type in the "airline" name exactly, Eclipse will now auto-detect the sources and classes for the airline project.

    ( ) Click Finish, taking the default output folder as airline/target/test-classes. (Looked a bit non-standard to me, but it works.)

    ( ) Follow instructions in Airline project's readme.txt (basically just "ant war" if you already have MySql).

    ( ) Start Tomcat in debug mode (beyond the scope of this thread, but I learned it from Kent Tong's "Developing Web Services With Apache Axis" book).

    ( ) Deploy the new airline.war to tomcat using "Tomcat Manager" shown under http://localhost:8080/ page (Log should show no significant errors.)

    ( ) Back in Eclipse, create a new default Remote Java Application and Debug it.

    ( ) Set what ever breakpoints you wish on the server side. Then, using the client build.xml, run the client...or debug the client as you normally would in Eclipse.

    Doing the above, I did not have to change ANY files from the download. Just ran the build targets, and it worked right out of the box.


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    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for the post. When I try to complete the above steps I get the following build errors:
    • import ort cannot be resolved
    • import ht cannot be resolved
    • import lightsRequest cannot be resolved
    • import lightsResponse cannot be resolved
    • import iceClass cannot be resolved
    • import .AirportImpl cannot be resolved
    • import .FlightImpl cannot be resolved
    • import .GetFlightsResponseImpl cannot be resolved

    I cant find any of the above classes in the 'spring-ws-1.0-m1' directory.

    Anyone else have this problem?




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      You need to generate the JAXB code by doing an "ant dist".


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        That worked. Thanks Ben.