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  • Please help... I need some pointers

    Hi there,

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I could really do with some help using spring and restful services.

    All I want to do is in netbeans create a mysql database and using restful services to bring up a list of potential matches when a user enters text into a search bar.

    I have used ajax before, in fact I develop mobile applications but this is giving me a severe headache and I have been at it all day... I have tried several tutorials that looks similar but most of them fail.

    If there are some tutorials out there aimed specifically at these requirements or some projects that could be helpful I would really appreciate someone pointing them out to me, preferably the tutorials/projects will be netbeans related.

    If there is any other tips, please share them as I'm finding this whold experience quite frustrating.


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    Spring Web Services are not required for RESTful calls. Spring MVC will do the job for you.

    Follow the guide at

    In simple words- Create a MVC controller, define request mapping which will read input from path variable. Now based on path variable get the matches from DB and pass them to your web page as response to request.

    In your JSP(or any view technology)- use this response to generate suggestion list.

    This requires use of AJAX.