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  • Spring WS with JAXB question


    I created a spring web service with JAXB and I am a bit curious on how other application will access my web service if by example they will HTTP SOAP or other approach but not spring web service based.

    Is it true that if I have a working web service, all i need is to provide the wsdl and it all depends on the other application on how they will handle it?

    Hope to receive a response for this as I am a bit ?afraid??? that I need to change my web service implementation just to accommodate other application. THanks

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    Hi - don't worry:

    Use Soap UI ( - add your WSDL to it and see if all works.
    Then think about Soap UI as any client which may connect to your web service using nothing but WSDL.

    Grzegorz Grzybek


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      Thanks for the reply Grzegorz. By the way, could you please answer my other post regarding spring ws+JAXB+MTOM? In summary, do you have an idea where can I find good tutorial for that implementation?? Thanks in advance


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        Hi Grzegorz,

        If by chance, do you have an idea why error below is displaying when I tried to access wsdl in soapUI?

        Fri Oct 19 14:51:27 CST 2012:INFO:Error getting response for [OrderServiceSoap11.WSGetAllMFTransactions:Request 1]; org.apache.http.conn.HttpHostConnectException: Connection to refused

        Local testing is working but not thru soapUI. Could not able to think any reason. Thus soapUI need internet configuration??

        And when creating targetnamespace value, is it ok to put any value in targetnamespace?? Let say "". Thus will have an impace to my web service?? Thanks


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          Target namespace may be any string - it is usually some URI.

          You get "connection refused" because after importing WSDL to SoapUI, SoapUI gets your web service addres from <soap:addres location="xxx" /> tag. you should change it in the top part of the request window - select "add new endpoint" in combobox.

          Grzegorz Grzybek


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            When you say "add new endpoint", which one? As per attached file, the one in the dropdown upper most of request window is my actual endpoint.

            And im not able to find the soap:address location you mentioned. Please help. Thanks

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              soap:address is in the WSDL the SoapUI used to create your sample request.
              Add new endpoint using an address of your webservice - your java/spring application (something like http://localhost:8080/xxx).


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                YeeHa! It Work... Thanks