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  • Automatic WSDL Generation Issue

    Hello all,

    I have been searching the web non-stop and have not found a solution to my particular issue.

    I have a schema that imports another schema which imports multiple other schemas and so on and so forth, which creates like a tree structure. I have the inlining working correctly and I am able to import and test my service using soapUI, however when I access the wsdl directly from the web, it has all of the xmlschema <documentation> elements displayed and it doesn't look like a proper schema. There is also no structure to the way in which documentation elements are displayed. For example below is a snippet of my wsdl that is generated:

    MSP MiLEX Intermediary Message SchemaMSP MiLEX Request MethodMSP MiLEX Request Method The appinfo schema provides support for high level data model concepts and additional syntax to support the NIEM conceptual model and validation of NIEM-conformant instances.The Resource element provides a method for application information to define a name within a schema, without the name being bound to a schema component. This is used by the structures schema to define names for structures:Object and structures:Association.The Deprecated element provides a method for identifying components as being deprecated. A deprecated component is one which is provided, but whose use is not recommended.The Base element provides a mechanism for indicating base types and base elements in schema, for the cases in which XML Schema mechanisms are insufficient. For example, it is used to indicate Object or Association bases.The ReferenceTarget element indicates a NIEM type which may be a target (that is, a destination) of a NIEM reference element. It may be used in combinations to indicate a set of valid types.The AppliesTo element is used in two ways. First, it indicates the set of types to which a metadata type may be applied. Second, it indicates the set of types to which an augmentation element may be applied.The ConformantIndicator element may be used in two ways. First, it is included as application information for a schema document element to indicate that the schema is NIEM-conformant. Second, it is used as application information of a namespace import to indicate that the schema is not NIEM-conformant.The ExternalAdapterTypeIndicator element indicates that a complex type is an external adapter type. Such a type is one that is composed of elements and attributes from non-NIEM-conformant schemas. The indicator allows schema processors to switch to alternative processing modes when processing NIEM-conformant versus non-NIEM-conformant content. The Association resource defines an identifier which acts as a conceptual base for association in NIEM-conformant schemas.The id attribute is used to define XML IDs for NIEM objects. These IDs may be targets of reference elements, metadata attributes, and link metadata attributes.The linkMetadata attribute allows an element to point to metadata that affects the relationship between the context and the value of the object.The attribute metadata allows an object to point to metadata that affects itself.The ref attribute is used by reference elements in NIEM to refer to an object via an ID reference, rather than including the object itself as element content.The sequenceID attribute allows a series of elements to define a sequence for content that does not correspond to the order of element declarations within a type.
    And this continues for the rest of the page. There are no proper wsdl elements displayed like servicename, portType, etc. Is there a property that needs to be toggled to display a proper wsdl or is what I see what I get? Again, the web service works fine otherwise, just the wsdl does not display correctly.

    BTW, my environment is:
    spring 3.1.1
    XmlSchema 1.4.5 (for inlining imported schemas)
    JDK 1.6
    JBOSS 5.0.1

    Thanks in advance for the help!