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  • REST API Implementation with Spring or any other needed

    I am coming from JBoss, have used RESTEasy and liked it. Now we have a project that runs with Tomcat directly (no JBoss). We are using SpringSource for development.

    I have tried to re-use the RESTEasy APIs and partially have succeeded: all the REST JAX-RS annotations like @Path, @GET, etc are working properly. All the Spring beans are loaded either via annotations or by XML configurations. So far so good.

    However the issue we are having is to have automatic marshaling-unmarshaling of objects. For example when I declare the REST annotated method as returning application/json and the method returns an object other than String, I expect object to be automatically converted (marshaled) into a JSON string, but instead I am getting the infamous org.jboss.resteasy.core.NoMessageBodyWriterFoundFa ilure. Any attempts to find information ultimately led me to the JBoss Seam applications which supposed to run on JBoss itself.
    We are trying to avoid using JBoss server by all means - staying with Tomcat - and I am not sure if we can do anything similar with any other APIs to have that marshaling.

    So my question is: is there similar API/framework to RESTEasy that will allow us to use standard JAX-RS annotations and have the marshaling done for us at the same time?

    (Sorry if this question sounds confusing - this is how I feel myself -but I cannot put it in better words at the moment)