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  • Weird problem with STS/Eclipse and SVN entries file

    Unfortunately I guess I found a weird bug on STS 2.5.2 (built upon Eclipse 3.6.1) when using SVN as version control system.

    As far as I noticed everytime someone updates a given project from any SVN client (like SmartSVN, eSVN or anyone else) and then refreshes that same project on STS the .svn/entries file from the project root is deleted, so the SVN reference to that project is lost.

    The weirdest of it all is that it only happens on Maven WAR projects. The other types of Maven projects (POM, JAR, EAR) don't suffer this issue. I confess I didn't verify against other types of so called web projects like Dynamic Web Projects.

    This bug (?) happens on Windows and Linux (Debian) STS distos.

    Does anyone know any workaround for this? Is that a known issue? I've searched the web and haven't found any reference.
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    Workaround found

    After some more researching I've found a similar problem reported on MyEclipse forum which led me to think that the problem could not be STS but Eclipse itself. With that in mind I finally googled to Anil Samuel blog who faced the same issue.

    The workaround is simple, just open .project file on your WTP web project and remove the following XML blocks:


    That will fix the issue between STS and SVN.

    Well, do you think it should be reported as a bug?


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      RE: Workaround found

      Thanks for the workaround rduval...

      I had the same problem and not found any solution.

      This workaround helped me a lot.


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        Same problem with STS 2.6.0.M2 built with Eclipse 3.6.2

        Strangely enough, I can reproduce it on my work machine (Win7 x64), but not on my home machine (same STS build, but on Vista SP2 x64)


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          I've been able to reproduce the bug on Eclipse Helios alone so I filed a bug on Eclipse's Bugzilla.

          Regarding STS, I noticed the issue on Windows 7 32 bits, running STS 2.5.2.SR1 and on Linux Debian 2.6.32 with Gnome running STS 2.5.2.RELEASE.
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            same thing on Window XP 32, STS 2.5.2