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  • maven build dependencies in STS multiple projects

    I get build dependancy errors across projects, when using the Spring Templates.

    I have a JPA project with a dependency upon a utility Jar project (both via STS Spring Templates). The utility jar is listed as a dependancy in the JPA pom & is listed under the 'Maven Dependencies' library in the Package Explorer. The JPA & utility jar projects have 'Dependency Management' enabled & 'automatically update dependencies from Maven pom.xml' ticked.

    The utility jar builds successfully, but when I build the JPA project I get "[INFO] Failed to resolve artifact. Missing: UtilityProject:utilityjar:jar:1.0.0.CI-SNAPSHOT". All Ids are correct, & poms are were all built by STS (except for edit below).

    It probably finger trouble - But how may I diagnose / solve the problem?

    The following sequence also fails with same error.

    Create 2 Spring utility jar projects using the STS templates but with differing top level packages.
    I get an eclipse build error "Could not calculate build plan: Could not find artifact com.springsource.bundlor:com.springsource.bundlor. maven:jar:1.0.0.RELEASE in Codehaus (" The only way I can resolve this is by deleting plugin reference "com.springsource.bundlor:com.springsource.bundlor .maven:1.0.0.RELEASE" in the pom.
    Update the poms so that jars are physically created. Update the pom to establish the dependancy of one project on the other. I need to restart STS before the dependancy appears in the project explorer view. Then modify one of the projects, so that the (provided sample) java files imports & uses a class in the other project. mvn build (package) the base project - this is okay. Attempt the mvn Build the dependent project, this fails with missing artifact reference.