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  • Spring Integration namespaces in STS 2.5.2

    Hello. The Spring Integration namespaces seem to have disappeared in STS 2.5.2. I see them in 2.5.1 but to be honest, I don't remember if I did anything with the install in order to see them. Is there an option to enable them or otherwise configure them?

    Thank you.


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    Hi Joe,

    with STS 2.5.2.RELEASE we changed the way STS resolves namespaces. If you use a workspace that was created with a STS version prior to 2.5.2.RELEASE you need to enable the following option: Preferences -> Spring -> Beans Support -> Namespaces -> Enable 'Load NamespaceHandlers and XSDs from project's classpath'.

    After changing this setting you might need to run a clean build of your project(s).




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      Christian, thank you very much for your reply. I really apologize if I'm missing something obvious.

      I have a new Spring project and I have the 'Load NamespaceHandlers..' set. The .jars added to the build path are all springframework-*-3.0.5 and spring-integration-*-2.0.0. I right-click on the project to create a new Spring Bean Configuration File. I provide a name (beans.xml) and click next. None of the Spring integration namespaces are displayed in the 'Select desired XSD namespace declarations' listing. I click finish and beans.xml is created without the namespaces (obviously).

      In Spring Explorer, I click properties on beans.xml -> Beans Support -> Namespaces. Here I do see the Spring integration namespaces but I'm not sure how to configure them in beans.xml. Is there a way to create a beans definition file with the namespaces from the wizard?

      Thank you again.



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        Hi Joe!

        I am observing the same behavior you are describing (looks like a bug within the wizard). But when you open the config file in the editor, there is a tab "Namespaces" where you can easily add the integration namespaces to your config file.



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          Hi Joe!

          In addition to that the bug is fixed in STS 2.6.0 M1. So if you wanna try the latest milestone, you are able to choose the integration namespaces from the wizard if they are on the project classpath.