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  • STS and Bundle Dependencies


    I have a problem. I'm using STS 2.5.1 and Virgo 2.1.0 and have set up my workspace so that maven is used to resolve all compile time dependencies which then bundlor uses to populate MANIFEST.MF along with This works fine except that eclipse cannot resolve the bundle dependencies between the projects in my workspace for the manifest. The packages are correctly resolved but they are glowing all red. Only bundles in the repository/usr are resolved.
    Why can't eclipse resolve dependencies between projects? As maven dependencies they work fine.
    Also, I have enabled the Classpath Container option (whatever that is...) and, of course, spring project nature for each project. I have also selected Virgo as the target runtime.


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    out of the box STS does not resolve dependencies across Eclipse projects. You can force this by setting Project References. So if you have bundle A and B where A imports a package from B, go to A's project properties -> Project References and select project B.




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      I tried adding project B as a reference from project A but Bundle Dependencies still won't get populated and so the imported packages in MANIFEST.MF are still invalid. I read somewhere in this forum that adding a par project and then adding the two projects would solve the problem. I'm not a big fan of par projects and I can't find any documentation that would suggest that would help.

      The preferred solution would either be to let eclipse resolve the dependencies as with PDE development or by using plan files. Compared to par projects, plan files are easier to manage but they don't seem to resolve dependencies as par projects does.


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        STS and Bundle Dependencies

        Have you managed to solve this problem without using pars?


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          Nah, I never did... Sorry. I haven't tried STS or Virgo since.