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  • tcServer overwriting server.xml

    I was trying to configure tcServer for SSL and found this link

    notice it talks about "/conf/samples/server-with-ssl.xml"....well, that directory doesn't exist (at least not in my sts install, which had tc as part of it). I figured I'd download tc by itself and poke around with it, but I have to tell vmWare/springsource what I ate for lunch to download _anything_. If you guys really want people start using your tools, maybe you shouldn't make it so _DAMN_ difficult to get them and have documentation that's actually correct.

    Here's the punchline....I got SSL up and running. So then I downed tc, and added a security constraint to web.xml to force ssl and restarted tc. Well, for some reason it REPLACED my server.xml file....that's right.....replaced. Don't mind I made any changes, just reset that file back to it's original's not's only SERVER.XML

    This is the _second_ time I've tried to use STS / tcServer and got kicked in the man region....It's back to eclipse and using Spring for the only thing I've found it good for....DEPENDENCY INJECTION

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    if edit the configuration files of a tc Server installation please make those edits in the Servers project inside STS. This is the place for those edits as Eclipse/STS will copy those files into the server on start.




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      maybe that link should tell people not to edit the file they use as an example?


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        tc server HTTPS ONLY

        thanks for the help. Is it possible to have TC server ONLY listen on HTTPS? I removed the initial connector and added my HTTPS one. When the server starts up, I can access my app, but startup never actually completes and after 120 seconds TC crashes.