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  • Spring 1.1 / Spring-IDE 1.0.2 Compatibility

    Will I run into any compatibility issues or limitations in running the Spring-IDE 1.0.2 against a spring-beans.xml file for a Spring 1.1 application?

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    No problems here.


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      Can you elaborate a bit? How extensively are you "pushing the envelope" with using Spring 1.1 features? Have there been any changes to the spring-beans.dtd for Spring 1.1? I can't tell because the DTD does not require a version attribute.


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        Sure. I'm using Spring for all my service-level declarative transaction support and it's handling my Hibernate session factory, session, configuration, etc. I'm also using Acegi to wrap all my services, so I have a chain of 4 beans for every service call. I was using 1.0.x and dropped 1.1 in without any changes to my configurations, nor to Spring-IDE, which I'm using to validate applicationConfiguration.xml. Note that I'm not using Spring's MVC support in case that matters.


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          I found a problem that I'm not sure as to whether the problem is a bug with the Spring-IDE or a 1.0/1.1 incompatibility problem.

          I declare an AbstractService node as an interceptor with the intent of deriving concrete nodes from it. I can't remember exactly how it went but it was along the lines of the following:

            <bean id="dataSource" classname="...JndiFactory">
            <bean id="transactionManager" ...>
            <bean id="abstractService" abstract="true" classname="...Proxy">
              <property name="transactionManager">
                <bean refid="transactionManager"/>
              <property name="methods">
                  <prop name="load*">etc...</prop>
                  ...regex for methods to be intercepted defined here...
            <bean id="productService" parent="abstractService">
              <property name="target">
                <bean classname="...ProductServiceImpl">
                  <property name="dataSource">
                    <bean refid="dataSource"/>
          By no means correct, but you get the idea.

          Anyway, the Spring-IDE was giving a marker that "abstract must be declared" for the abstractService node. Well, as you can see, it had been declared, so it was a false error.

          Re-arranging the declaration to eliminate the abstract node was the only way that I could get the marker to go away.


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            Spring IDE 1.0.3 ships with an older spring-beans.dtd which doesn't know about the abstract attribute. The gory details can be found in this entry

            Last edited by robyn; May 14th, 2006, 10:51 AM.