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  • STS 2.3.3M2 requires owner/root privs to run

    The last time I installed 2.3.3M1 into /opt/springsource/... as root,
    I was able to run as non-root user to create a roo project and run the roo shell.

    This time, I installed 2.3.3M2 as a fresh install again as root, and when I tried to run as non-root user,
    - the create roo project wizard would hang forever.
    - after installing grails and groovy plugins, the non-root user even could no longer set up a new workspace properly and that roo and tc installation was not visible to that workspace.

    I beseech/entreat/... (synonyms of that developers of software kindly consider creating software that would accommodate users who need to install/maintain a single copy as root and allow users read-only access to run the software.

    - Would it be possible to let me have information if this is a problem I could solve on my own, that perhaps, I need to a better way to install the software?

    - If the problem is verified to be valid, would there be plans to rectify it?

    - Also, is it within the policy of SpringSource to ensure creating software that is installable as root?

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    same here...with springsource-tool-suite-2.3.3.M2-e3.6-linux-gtk.tar.gz


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      I wish we could help you with this problem, but we are at the mercy of Helios and p2. It is likely that you are coming up against this bug:

      At this point, we do not recommend running as a shared install. When this bug is fixed (possible for SR1), things may change, but for now it just is not possible. I wish I had a better answer for you.