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  • Class NOT Found Error

    I have installed the Spring IDE plugin for eclipse. I can clean build and run my project and have no errors.

    When I have the spring xml config file open and "Show Spring Beans View" I get Class not found errors. The classes do exist in my WEB-INF\classes directory.

    When selecting the Spring Beans tab I can open the graph view and all of the classes appear.

    So the question is: Where is it looking for the class files in the editor and / or how can I change where it is looking for them?

    Thanks, John

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    Re: Class NOT Found Error

    Spring IDE's beans project validator and the editor context menu action "Open Java Type" are looking for corresponding bean classes in JDT's abstract syntax trees (ASTs). They access the JDT project the file within the editor belongs to and asks for a JDT type with a specific full qualified class name via "IProject.findType()".
    Spring IDE supports project references too (specified via "Project Properties / Project References").

    To make your bean classes accessible for Spring IDE you have to add them to your Java project's classpath via Project Properties:

    - add source code of bean classes to "Java Build Path/Source"
    - add bean classes in jars to "Java Build Path/Libraries"
    - add bean classes in external projects with relevant classes/libraries to "Project References"

    The beans graph is only a different representation of the same model already displayed in the beans view. No access to beans classes is necessary to build the tree view or to draw the graph.

    Only the validator and the context menu are using IProject.findType() to access the bean class.