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  • Grails Controller Autocomplete Not Working in STS 2.3.1

    I'm having trouble getting grails controller autocomplete to work in STS 2.3.1. I just upgraded from 2.3.0. Is this feature working for others?

    "render" calls in my controllers are still underlined, and "render" is not offered as an option in code completion templates.

    The feature is listed in the upgrade docs, and shown as completed in the bugtracker here:
    Add code completion for Grails controller methods (render/redirect/etc.)

    I tested the feature on an existing project running with grails 1.2.0, as well as a newly created project running grails 1.2.0. In case it matters, my default grails install is 1.1.1. Please let me know if you're getting template proposals for injected controller methods.


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    Hi there,

    Apologies for not getting back to you on this sooner, but I have been on leave (new baby) and will be returning to work tomorrow (Monday).

    I just had a brief look at this and I can see that the render() proposal and others are not being displayed when outside the Controller class. I'll be able to have a fix for this tomorrow very likely and I will let you know when it is available on the dev update site.


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      Thanks Andrew! Mainly, I wanted to make sure that my install wasn't messed up for some reason.

      Congratulations on the new baby!


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        No it isn't. And please continue to report these relatively minor UI annoyances.


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          Will do. I'm still relatively new to grails, so getting some help on the standard controller methods would definitely help my productivity.

          The two other things that would be a massive help would be (1) some kind of type inference for things that will be autowired by spring (eg, def injectedService would code complete like it was an instance of InjectedService); and (2) running unit tests inside the IDE (captured here:

          It's great to see how far the grails integration has come.


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            Created this issue to keep track of code completion for autowired fields:

            As for STS-551, that requires a bit of work before we can really tackle it. We need to be able to start an instance of Grails from within the workspace. However, currently, you can run the grails test-app command in debug mode and you can get debugging support for your grails app.


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              Fixed your original problem in the latest nightly build of STS (out tomorrow, Thursday).