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  • Can't deploy bundles to dm Server running in STS 2.3

    I'm trying to run dm 2.0.0.RELEASE within STS 2.3.0.RELEASE as outlined in the Greenpages 2.1 sample. I can deploy the sample manually into the pickup directory and the app runs without problems, but when I try to deploy it in STS all bundles show "version 0.0.0" and it fails to deploy with the following in the Eclipse console:

    [2010-01-19 20:04:09.701] TCP Connection(18)- <DE0000I> Installing par 'greenpages-solution' version '0.0.0'.
    [2010-01-19 20:04:09.716] TCP Connection(18)- <DE0000I> Installing bundle '' version '0.0.0'.
    [2010-01-19 20:04:09.732] TCP Connection(18)- <DE0000I> Installing bundle 'greenpages-solution-0-greenpages.db-solution' version '0.0.0'.
    [2010-01-19 20:04:09.739] TCP Connection(18)- <DE0000I> Installing bundle 'greenpages-solution-0-greenpages.jpa-solution' version '0.0.0'.
    [2010-01-19 20:04:09.745] TCP Connection(18)- <DE0000I> Installing bundle 'greenpages.web-solution' version '0.0.0'.
    [2010-01-19 20:04:12.425] TCP Connection(18)- <ME0003I> Dump 'serviceability/dump/2010-01-19-20-04-755' generated
    [2010-01-19 20:04:12.442] TCP Connection(18)- <DE0002E> Installation of par 'greenpages-solution' version '0.0.0' failed. java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Cannot open an input stream for '/Applications/springsource/springsource-dm-server-2.0.0.RELEASE/work/com.springsource.kernel.deployer_2.0.0.RELEASE/staging/greenpages-solution-0/bundle/' as it does not exist

    Looking at the file path mentioned, indeed that file does not exist. There are no files in any of the <server>/work/com.springsource.kernel.deployer_2.0.0.RELEASE/staging/** directories at all, just a lot of empty directories.

    I'm also trying to deploy my own bundles, and they all come up with version 0.0.0 and missing manifest entries, and no services deployed. Looking into the <server>/work directory again, I see only empty directories, no deployed files (I'm not sure if I'm supposed to see any deployed files here, just commenting on what I see).

    I even created a Spring Template Shared Service Bundle project, and when I try to deploy that it shows up as version 0.0.0 and has missing manifest entries.

    Did I miss a step somewhere in setting up the dm server in STS?

    -- [email protected]

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    I moved my dm server directory onto the same hard drive partition as my STS workspace, and the problem went away. Not sure if the partitions were the cause of the problem or not, but in my original setup, I add the dm server directory in


    (this is an OS 10.6 box) while my workspace is at


    my main hard drive is split into two partitions, so I wonder if this somehow confused the deployment?


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      Same problem with me on Windows XP. Virgo and workspace are on the same partition. Any ideas...?


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        Same problem!
        Is there an solution now?


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          I would recommend to ask these questions at the Virgo users forum at Eclipse: