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  • Errors when creating Spring Template Project

    Hi! I used to use Spring back around v1.1, then got re-allocated in my company to do .NET development. I'm back and trying to evaluate Spring 3 for some future development projects in my new gig. So this is to say, I'm familiar with the basic Spring paradigm, Java, Java app servers, etc.

    So I downloaded SpringSource Tool Suite, thinking this would be a good way to get going quickly. I set up a default workspace, selected New->Spring Template Project, then selected the Spring MVC Project template. I entered in a project name and top-level package name for the project, retaining the default workspace, and clicked Finish. It then created the project.

    The problem is that it created it with errors.

    There are errors in three files, as shown in the attached Project Errors.jpg. I've also attached the error output from the console in Project Errors.txt (which is a csv file).

    I'm guessing that the root cause of all the unresolved references is this:

    The container 'Maven Dependencies' references non existing library 'C:\Users\rherrick\.m2\repository\javax\servlet\js tl\1.2\jstl-1.2.jar' VFS Build path Build Path Problem

    I'm unsure what to do to get Maven to properly get this jar file. If and when I do, I'm thinking that that will get it to get the other dependent jar files and resolve, for example, the missing Spring references.

    Any tips as to what's going on would be appreciated. It seems to me that the point of this tool is to work "out of the box", which it's not doing, but maybe I'm missing something.

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    OK, maybe Maven just needed time in the background to download the dependencies?

    The errors have now gone away, and I'm left only with some gripes about not being able to validate log4j.xml files against the DTD, which I don't care about.

    But if my original issue really was transfer latency in Maven it would be nice if there were some kind of message or indication that that was the case, instead of just a bunch of error messages.


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      you're right: those errors are related to missing dependencies that Maven will download in the background. That takes some time...

      I completely agree with you that this isn't the nicest user experience. And I'm looking into ways to improve the Getting Started experience.

      Thanks for your patience getting through this.



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        No problem, once I realized what had happened, it made sense. But prior to that, if you're unfamiliar with Maven, it's not obvious!

        Thanks for the reply and verification of the issue!


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          How many time?

          I have the same problem.
          But i'm behind a proxy, so i would like to know if my proxy setting are working or not.
          How many time have you waited?

          Thank you...


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            Re: how many times - SOLVED

            I have no-proxy setting in eclipse.
            Now everything is working.



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              I have a problem that when creating a template MVC project, if I create another project in my workspace that the MVC project needs as a dependancy, it fails to resolve.

              I have added the other project as a maven dependancy for the MVC project. I have enabled maven's workspace resolution.

              However, by closing STS, deleting the workspace\.metadata\.plugins\org.maven.ide.eclipse .container files, and restarting STS, this seems to fix it.

              Very frustrating. Why does this happen?