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  • STS FAQs - outdated

    Can I install Spring IDE/STS from an Eclipse update site?

    Yes, sure. STS can be installed from the following update sites:

    Closely follow the instructions in the Installing STS into Eclipse 3.5 blog post.

    I get an Access Denied error when browsing the update sites

    Please note that our update sites are hosted on Amazon S3 and do not allow directory indexing. So this error message is correct when navigating to one of the above URLs.

    You can test the connectivitly of those sites by browsing to:

    Additionally we don't publish site.xml files to the update site any longer. The STS update sites are P2 repositories for the use with Eclipse 3.4 or 3.5.

    Mac install may appear to be incomplete or missing features

    Check the plugins folder of your STS installation to see that all .jars were successfully unpacked. If you see files ending in *.pack.gz then there was an installer failure.

    We have seen this problem occur with users that have Spotlight indexing enabled and who have installed 3rd party Spotlight indexers. To ensure a successful installation go to the Spotlight panel of your System Preferences, and under the Privacy tab add the directory which you plan to install STS into. You may also need to remove any Spotlight indexers that scan .jar or .gz files. Some indexers which may adversely affect the installer are tarimporter.mdimporter, ninjar.mdimporter, and ziplight.mdimporter. Spotlight indexers can be found at /Library/Spotlight and ~/Library/Spotlight.

    Linux installer fails to run with "No JRE found" message

    The shell script looks for a JAVA_HOME variable. If that does not exist it uses the locate command to search all Java executables on the system.

    You can point the installer to JAVA_HOME by using the following command:

     > export JAVA_HOME=<path to your JDK install>
     > sh
    How can I uninstall STS when installed with the installers

    The installer does not create any registry keys or pollutes your system otherwise. You can safely delete the directory into which you installed and remove the start menu shortcut if you selected to create one during installation (windows only).
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