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  • Dependency resolution in bundle project


    I'm just starting to use Spring IDE 2.2.2 and I have some trouble for resolving bundle dependencies.
    I've have a bundle (let's call it A) configured with Spring dm as the target runtime. bundle A dependencies with bundles in spring-dm are correctly handled, they appear in the bundle dependencies folder when the Import-Package is added in
    Now bundle A has also imports some package from bundle B, another bundle of my eclipse workspace. The imported package is correctly exported from bundle B and imported in bundle A. But the dependency is not resolved (bundle B doesn't appear in bundle A dependencies), just like if workspace resolution was not working.

    Should this work ? may be it is my mistake ...

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    To be more precise:

    Bundle A (domain-orm) has:
    Import-Package:  org.escapek.domain;version="[1.0.0.SNAPSHOT,1.0.0.SNAPSHOT]"
    Bundle B (domain) has :
    Export-Package: org.escapek.domain;version="1.0.0.SNAPSHOT"
    In eclipse IDE, i have the following error:
    Import-Package: org.escapek.domain [1.0.0.SNAPSHOT, 1.0.0.SNAPSHOT] could not be resolved	MANIFEST.MF	domain-orm/src/main/resources/META-INF	line 7	SpringSource Bundle Dependency Problem


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      Same problem


      I have the same problem, which is only witsual, because everything else works.

      I can see packeges with content-assist, but after inserting them in manifest I see the same message.


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        Just put a manifest template at root directory of your project folder.

        A template just needs two mandatory directives:
        Bundle-ManifestVersion: 2
        Bundle-SymbolicName: org.mywork.webappname

        his name TEMPLATE.MF



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          This doesn't change the problem.
 only allows MANIFEST.MF auto update.
          My problem is that when editing the MANIFEST.MF file, in the runtime folder I can add some import which is displayed it the list. But once it is added, it generates the error shown in my first post.
          I guesst this will work at runtime, but in eclipse IDE this generates an error in MANIFEST.MF and also prevents source code from being compiled (error in package import in java classes).

          The only way for now to make it work is to add the project which exports the package as a referenced project into the project which imports it.


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            I think the solution for your problem is described in the following forum post:

            Let me know if that solves the problem for you.



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              compile error

              It was the same for me.

              I put a template at project root, and refresh manifest , and it worked.

              Don't forget to do some refresh on Eclipse projects.