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  • Bug: "no setter" error when Generics are used

    SpringIDE reports "No setter found for property 'xxx' in class 'yyy' when class yyy is using a generic type:


    public abstract class AbstractCrudDaoHibernate<E extends DomainObject>
    extends HibernateDaoSupport
    implements CrudDao<E> {

    public class CustomerDaoHibernate
    extends AbstractCrudDaoHibernate<Customer>
    implements CustomerDao {

    If I try to set the property "sessionFactory" which is declared in the class HibernateDaoSupport on CustomerDaoHibernate the above error is reported. Without the generic type everthing works fine.

    I´ve created an issue at

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    Hi roman,

    I've created a ticket at .
    Thanks for your report. This looks like a nice bug for Torsten to fix .



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      Originally posted by cdupuis
      This looks like a nice bug for Torsten to fix .
      Hhm, this bug is a really tough one (I didn't grasp generics by now :-().

      But anyway, to support generics we have to depend on Eclipse 3.1. IMHO we shouldn't introduce this dependency now. Let's wait for a final version of Eclipse 3.1 first before binding Spring IDE to it.



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        I know nothing about Eclipse plugin development or the way SpringIDE is working. So if I´m wrong, just ignore me (or give me a hint) :-)

        to support generics we have to depend on Eclipse 3.1
        Sure? I guess SpringIDE doesn´t need to know anything about generics. The setter method doesn´t use a generic type. Only the class declares one.

        Is there no Eclipse 3.0 API compliant way to ask: "Has class AA the method YY?" If there is one, SpringIDE doesn´t need to know if generics are used and should work on eclipse 3.0 and 3.1. If not, how is SpringIDE currently resolving the methods?

        I´ve viewed Erich Gamma´s presentation at JavaPolis:
        He said something about AST (Abstract Systax Tree) and that other plugins can use it to work with the project´s classes. Maybe it helps.

        I really would like to contribute to SpringIDE, but currently I´m working on my thesis so I don´t have the time. Sorry.

        But anyway, Thorsten and Co., thank you a lot for your great work!!!

        Best regards,