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  • A couple of questions on Webflow 2 support


    Webflow 2 support seems to be pencilled in for release 2.1 of Spring IDE.

    I want to roll out Webflow 2 within our organization, but not before the IDE is available. Do we have a tentative release date for Webflow 2 support ?

    Also, will the IDE be backwardly compatible with Webflow 1 flows ?

    Thanks !

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    SpringIDE support for SWF 2

    Hello, we are in a similar situation, we have set a developmente environment using Spring IDE to design flows and Eclipse Web Page Designer for views.

    Our architecture is based on JSF + SWF 1.0.5 and we're consigering to migrate this architecture to SWF 2 but are stock waiting to see if the Spring IDE will offer support for SWF 2 any soon.

    No questions to ask, just highlight Paul's.

    His post has been here for 3 months with no reply.

    Please can anyone give us a clue?

    Thanks a lot.



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      His post has been here for 3 months with no reply.
      Hasn't it been 3 weeks and not 3 months? ;-) Anyways I think I need to provide some answers here: Web Flow 2 support is currently on the roadmap for 2.1 with is due in the end of July timeframe.

      My current thinking is that I will be able to provide XML editing and validation features in that time, but not a graphical editor for the Web Flow 2 files. I need to spend some more time on figuring out the amount of rework that is required to support graphical editing.

      And yes, the support will be backward compatible.




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        Sorry, you're right, it's three weeks.

        Thanks for your quick reply it's helped us a lot to make a decision on this issue.