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  • My Spring IDE installation doesn't do much!

    My Spring IDE plugin isn't doing much for me. The spring beans view shows my (2) config files, lets me open them but not much else. It doesn't show bean nodes or generate graphs or validate anything. Am I missing something stupid?

    Followed instructions at Have:

    * Spring 1.1.4
    * Eclipse 3.1.0
    * GEF 3.1
    * Spring Framework PLugin 1.0.2
    * Spring IDE Beans UI Plugin 1.0.3

    All successfully installed via the Eclipse update manager (no errors). Added my Spring Beans Project Nature to my (only) project. Added my applicationContext.xml and -servlet.xml config files to the Spring Beans Project Properties. The files show up in the Spring Beans View but that's about it.

    Should I expect my beans to just magically appear as nodes in the view? Are there any log files or other sources of info I can look at?

    Thanks for any pointers, Martin

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    doesn't do much

    Once I made the little 'S' appear on a config file, I expected to just click on it and have things happen. But you have to select the config file, go to Eclipse menu bar, choose the Navigate menu item, choose "show in" and then choose "spring beans." When the Spring Beans outlie appears, you can click on a node and "Show Graph."

    I think that's described in the documentation, but it'd be much better just to have the "Spring Beans" outline display as soon as you click on the config file.

    If you want xml code completion for your Spring config files you should probably download XML Buddy.

    If you're not using any new Spring config features, you're set. There's another thread in this forum that discusses the problems you'll have getting the Spring IDE plugin to work if you've declared any abstract Spring abstract beans. I think there was a solution offered at the end of that thread, but it didn't work for me. So for now, Spring doesn't do much for me either.


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      There are two locations for Spring IDE, use the one from

      You'll find Spring IDE 1.1.0 there which I guess has more to offer. Right now for me Spring IDE does validation of the configuration files which is better then nothing - indeed for xml editing I use XML buddy. Otherwise no bean trees, no graphs or pictures


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        Otherwise no bean trees, no graphs or pictures
        I was mistaken - if you switch to SpringIDE view you'll get a tree with your bean definitions - it's useful if you have tons of configurations.


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          Originally posted by costin
          There are two locations for Spring IDE, use the one from

          I installed from the URL from SpringIDE homepage and had exactly the same problem as OP. Now it all works with this one above. Thanks! And hopefully the home page will get updated soon.


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            also the link at the root is malformed.
            (though the redirect is correct)