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  • Web Flow Support in 2.0.2 RC1

    Im using Eclipse and just updated to Spring IDE 2.0.2.v200711172000 using the update site.
    The webflow feature is installed but it only contains the org.springframework.webflow.doc Plugin version 1.0.2

    I don't have a Spring -> Web Flow support preference page anymore where I can add my flows.

    Any Ideas ?

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    I have just checked it in a plain vanilla Eclipse 3.3 download (downloaded the Java EE package from and everything seams to be in place.

    Can you please post your Eclipse Configuration Details.



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      my Eclipse Version is:
      Eclipse SDK
      Build id: M20071023-1652

      java version "1.6.0_03"

      The complete configuration details is a bit big but here are some parts:
      *** Features:
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.ajdt.feature (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE"
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.aop.feature (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE"
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.feature (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE"
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.javaconfig.feature (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE"
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.mylyn.feature (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE"
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.osgi.feature (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE"
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.webflow.feature (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE"
      *** Plug-in Registry:
      org.springframework.binding (1.0.3) "org.springframework.binding" [Installed]
      org.springframework.bundle.spring (2.5.0.rc1_v200710242130) "spring" [Resolved]
      org.springframework.bundle.spring.doc (2.5.0.rc1_v200710242130) "Spring Framework Reference Documentation" [Starting]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE" [Resolved]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.ajdt.source (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE AOP Integration Sources" [Resolved]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.ajdt.ui.visualiser (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE AOP Visualiser UI" [Starting]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.ajdt.ui.xref (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE AOP Xref UI" [Starting]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.aop.core (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE AOP Core" [Active]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.aop.mylyn (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE AOP Mylyn Integration" [Starting]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.aop.source (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE AOP Sources" [Resolved]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.aop.ui (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE AOP UI" [Active]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.aop.ui.matcher (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE AOP Pointcut Matcher" [Starting]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.beans.core (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE Beans Core" [Active]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.beans.mylyn (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE Beans Mylyn Integration" [Active]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.beans.osgibridge (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE OSGi Bridge" [Starting]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.beans.ui (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE Beans UI" [Active]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.beans.ui.editor (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE Beans Config Editor" [Active]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.beans.ui.graph (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE Beans Graph" [Starting]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.beans.ui.refactoring (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE Refactoring Support" [Starting] (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE Beans UI Search" [Starting]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.core (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE Core" [Active]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.doc (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring Framework Reference Documentations" [Starting]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.javaconfig.core (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE JavaConfig Core" [Starting]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.javaconfig.source (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE JavaConfig Sources" [Resolved]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.javaconfig.ui (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE JavaConfig UI" [Active]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.mylyn (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE Mylyn Integration" [Active]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.mylyn.source (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE Mylyn Sources" [Resolved]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.osgi (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE Support for Spring Dynamic Modules for OSGi(tm) Service Platforms" [Starting]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.osgi.source (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE OSGi Sources" [Resolved]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.source (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE Sources" [Resolved]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.ui (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE UI" [Active]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.webflow.core (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE Web Flow Core" [Installed]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.webflow.mylyn (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE Web Flow Mylyn Integration" [Installed]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.webflow.source (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE Web Flow Sources" [Resolved]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.webflow.ui (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE Web Flow UI" [Installed]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.webflow.ui.editor (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE Web Flow Config Editor" [Installed]
      org.springframework.ide.eclipse.webflow.ui.graph (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring IDE Web Flow UI Editor" [Installed]
      org.springframework.javaconfig (1.0.0.m3_v200707150600) "org.springframework.javaconfig" [Resolved]
      org.springframework.osgi.backport.util.concurrent (3.0.0) "backport-util-concurrent" [Resolved]
      org.springframework.osgi.bundle.core (1.0.0.rc1_v200711061752) "spring-osgi-core" [Resolved]
      org.springframework.osgi.bundle.extender (1.0.0.rc1_v200711061752) "spring-osgi-extender" [Active] (1.0.0.rc1_v200711061752) "spring-osgi-io" [Resolved]
      org.springframework.osgi.source (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring Dynamice Modules for OSGi(tm) Service Platforms" [Resolved]
      org.springframework.source (2.0.2.v200711172000) "Spring Framework Sources" [Resolved]
      org.springframework.webflow (1.0.3) "org.springframework.webflow" [Installed]
      org.springframework.webflow.doc (1.0.2) "Spring Web Flow Reference Documentation" [Starting]
      org.uddi4j (2.0.5.v200706111329) "UDDI4J" [Resolved]
      But I'm also downloading the Java EE Package



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        Webflow support is missing after update

        i have a similar problem (eclipse Version:, jdk 1.6.0). After updateing the Spring IDE from Version 2.0.1 to 2.0.2 via update site the web Flow extension is not active any more and does not appear in the Spring Preverence page. The AOP Support and the Beans support are availiable.
        The Spring IDE Web Flow Extension 2.0.2.v200712142013 feature is installed (shows up in Product configuration page) but the plugin details does only list the
        documetation plugin.

        My question now is, if anybody knows how to activate the Web Flow extension in this situation?


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          can you please retry the installation on an fresh install of the Eclipse Java EE distribution. Let me know if this works. I just did the same procedure and everything seams to work properly.

          This should not be a solution. It is just meant to check if there is something else wrong here.




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            Hallo Christian,
            with a fresh install of the Eclipse Java EE distribution, the installation works as desired.
            If i should find out which plugins will cause the installation problem, i will post it in this forum.



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              it is great to know that a fresh install works. So there is something wired going on with the online update.

              If by any chance you find out the problem let us know. In the meantime I'll try to work on it as well.

              Thanks for your help.



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                I found out what caused the problem and how it can be solved. Here at from more details.