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  • Info about Spring IDE Image Decorators

    I would like to know if someone could document the meaning of the different spring IDE image decorators.

    For example, some of my spring beans have a red asterisk next to them, and others have the letters F, C or A next to them.

    I have searched the documentation, the web, the wiki and the forums, but I have been unable to find any documentation about the different Spring IDE decorators and what they mean.

    If anyone can provide a listing (or picture of) the different decorators and their meanings, that would be very useful.

    Thank you.



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    Hi Phil,

    that is a very good questions. I opened a JIRA to track this.

    - red asterisk -> prototype bean
    - F -> factory bean
    - C -> child bean (having a parent bean)
    - A -> abstract bean




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      Thanks... that helps a lot. (plus info for newbies)

      Thank you, Christian.

      That helps alot. Particularly knowing that the red *
      means that the bean is a prototype will save me a lot of time.
      I need to review a large system specifically with regard to
      which beans are/should be singletons and which ones should
      be prototypes. The red *, and your info, just made this task
      a lot faster and much less error prone.

      P.S. - for any newbies that might read this thread, when you define a bean the singleton="true" and singleton="false" settings can control if a bean
      should be a singleton or a prototype.