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  • Starting from a blank canvas and creating a full WebFlow

    From what I can tell, as the SpringIDE and its integration with WebFlow stands, I can't start from nothing - no beans, no flows, nothing except an Eclipse Project - and create a WebFlow with stubbed out beans.

    Ultimately what would be really cool is if I could do something like this

    1. new Flow (creates appropriate configuration file behind the scenes) and a new tab with a blank canvas and palette is created
    2. drag-n-drop a start node to the canvas from the palette
    3. the start state properties window is displayed
    4. i can enter the view name, and there's a button that brings up the New wizard dialog so I could create a new JSP or whatever
    5. I can go to the Render Action tab and click on add to add an action
    6. in the resulting Action Properties dialog I can pick an existing bean if I have one (they way it works now) or I can click on a button that brings me to the New wizard again, for a Spring bean prepopulated with the render action name if I provided one. (If not, when I add one in the wizard it gets back to the webflow render action when I finish the wizard.) I can add bean properties, and when done a new Java source file is created that implements the action interface and has the correct properties defined with getters and setters
    7. etc
    8. etc

    The end result is a webflow with correct configuration and stubbed out Java sources that compiles but does nothing since no business logic was actually written. However, a right-click context menu in the graph on any node state or transition could take me to either the bean config or the bean Java source.

    Is something like this in the SpringIDE roadmap or is it completely beyond the scope of what SpringIDE is meant for?