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  • Is this a bug in Spring IDE?

    Greetings, everyone!

    I just started with Spring two weeks ago and did some reading. Now it's time for me to try out the sample applications. However, it seems that Spring IDE can't read classes from a user library. Here is what I did:

    1. Installed Eclipse 3.3 and the latest Spring IDE (2.0.1);
    2. Created a Spring project;
    3. Imported the source from samples/showcases/java5-dao;
    4. Created a user library named "spring-library" and added spring.jar, hibernate3.jar and commons-dbcp.jar;
    5. Added spring-library to the project build path.

    Now, all the Java classes compile fine; but, for the bean configuration file, java5-dao.xml, there is an error that says "Class org.apache.commons.dbcp.BasicDataSource not found".

    Then I tried to move the dbcp jar out of the user library and put it directly under the project build path, that error disappeared!

    To me, the Spring IDE (or whichever program that is responsible for resolving class names in beans' XML) cannot resolve class names from a user defined library. It is desirable to be able to put all Spring jars into a single user library, because I don't want the whole lot of jars to clog the project explorer window of my ide.

    Any one can clarify please?

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    this seams to be a bug in the AOP support! Can you please raise a bug report at .




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      I just opened issue #711. Thanks.


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        kingcu, I responded in the ticket. Please refer to the ticket for more details.