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  • Eclipse crashes when installing latest SpringIDE Version


    I am trying to install Spring IDE via the update manager and when
    clicking on "finish" eclipse crashes with the following error message:
    it is the site "update sites to finish". eclipse displays a short
    progress bar displaying something about Spring IDE and then crashes with this error:

    JVM terminated. Exit code=1
    -jar /home/markus/software/devel/eclipse/eclipse/./startup.jar
    -os linux
    -ws gtk
    -arch x86
    -launcher /home/markus/software/devel/eclipse/eclipse/./eclipse
    -name Eclipse
    -showsplash 600
    -exitdata 1db8006
    -vm //opt/java//bin/java
    -jar /home/markus/software/devel/eclipse/eclipse/./startup.jar

    this also happens when I download the springide on my local disc, unzip it and try to install it from my local disk.

    eclipse does not crash when installing something else, for example the Ruby IDE.

    I have eclipse 3.2.1, java 1.5.0_08 on Suse Linux 9.2

    any idea what could be wrong here ?


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    Are there any information available in Eclipse's logfile "<Eclipse Workspace>/.metadata/.log"?

    As a side note: With your JVM memory settings ("-Xms40m -Xmx256m" and no "-XX:MaxPermSize" [Sun JVM] set) you may see OutOfMemory exceptions. Please refer to the various memory related bug reports in Eclipse's Bugzilla, e.g.

    Maybe you should increase the heap size and add "-XX:MaxPermSize=128m" in the "eclipse.ini" file, especially if you're working with WTP. I'm using the following memory settings:


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      I increased the memory settings but that had no positive effect.
      I think this might we an internal eclipse bug.

      there is a file generated by the hot spot machine which I should send to Sun. (and I will sent it)

      in this file I found this (among much more stuff):

      # An unexpected error has been detected by HotSpot Virtual Machine:
      # SIGSEGV (0xb) at pc=0x4728e172, pid=10073, tid=1075183744
      # Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (1.5.0_08-b03 mixed mode, sharing)
      # Problematic frame:
      # C [] XSetTile+0x12

      maybe this is a SWT bug or there is something wrong with
      my X installation. unfortunately upgrading X is not an option
      on the machine I am working.
      I reportet the bug to the eclipse project, because I also noted
      the same error while exporting my preferences.

      so this is almost for sure nothing to do with the Spring IDE