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  • Eclipse Blew Up

    My appologies ahead of time, but I don't know where to post this. I have searched for a general Eclipse forum and I'm not finding one. If you can point me at one I'll gladly take this issue there.

    I ran Eclipse 3.2 out of memory on my machine (Mac OS X 10.4.7). It died after a long beach ball of death. After reopening it I have red X's all over the place in the Java editor. When I click on them to get a suggestion as to what the problem is it says, "No suggestions available." The only X that gave any indication was on the package statement, which suggested to configure the build path. I did that and no change. The X's go down about a third of the way in many files and then they stop, almost like it gave up highlighting errors.

    I removed all of my source folders and re-added them, and did the same with external jar files. I thought maybe it couldn't find stuff.

    Does anyone have an idea what is going on and how I might salvage this before I drop back and punt and return to screen, vi, and ant.