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  • Download via Update Manager in Eclipse 3.2


    I donīt know, if this is a problem of Eclipse or of Spring IDE:

    If I try to download Spring-IDE 1.3.2 via Update Manager in Eclipse 3.2 (Callisto), I only get to the list of "Features to install". There the feature Spring-IDE 1.3.2 is listed, but the "Finish" and "Next" buttons are disabled, so I canīt start the download and installation process. For other plugins this works and in Eclipse 3.1 this works for Spring-IDE 1.3.2, too.

    Did somebody make the same experience or can point me to some place where I can download the plugin files manually?


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    Propably you are missing some required plugins. After selecting the SpringIDE feature, press the [Select Required] button. See if that helps.

    Also check the SpringIDE install which also containts pointers to manually install springide.


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      I have exactly the same Problem!

      I installed the official release of Eclipse 3.2 and
      WTP 1.5 (!!!)

      So I suppose that the new WTP is the problem

      Can anyone check please......

      PS: I didn't try to install SpringIDE manualy......


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        I also have a problem using Eclipse 3.2/WTP 1.5. I make it past the plugin selection phase, but when I want to install it I get a required space size of 971292kb, which my laptop does not have ... but I know that SpringIDE is much smaller, so this is surely wrong

        The exact same thing happens when using a local site (downloaded zip file).

        Update: Amazingly, if I choose any other Eclipse plugin for installation, it fails at first, the clicking on the final installation list on the other project changes the space size to "unknown", which enables the installation to finish .... :|
        Last edited by rombert; Jul 10th, 2006, 04:31 PM.


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          Originally posted by luxxx
          Can anyone check please......
          I installed Eclipse 3.2 and Spring IDE with all it's dependencies (GEF, EMF, SDO, JEM, WST, ...) from the Callisto Discovery Site without any problems.

          A detailed description (the screenshoots will be added later) can be found here.



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            I installed the WTP-all-in-one sdk 1.5 on my Mac at home.

            On that installation, SpringIDE installs like a charm and without problem.


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              On my work windows machine, the installation of SpringIDE doesn't work!
              The size of the package is not correct and so the Finish button is disabled.

              I still could install it using the hack of rombert.

              Thx a lot

              PS: Can the size of the package be set to "unknown"? This would enable the Finish button directly.....


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                Some more notes:

                1. This happens on both OpenSUSE 10.0 linux machines that I run Eclipse 3.2 on.
                2. In the "Select Features to Install" screen, the Properties -> General Information tab for SpringIDE 1.3.2 ( and the others as well ) show Size: 0KB.


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                  Originally posted by Torsten Juergeleit
                  A detailed description (the screenshoots will be added later) can be found here.
                  The missing screenshots are available now.



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                    The best way to get a nice base setup of Eclipse 3.2 is as follows. All you really need is the basic stuff. Go grab Eclipse, but if you are like me and don't want the bloated Eclipse, scroll down until you see something called RCP Runtime or something like that and the size is only 33 MB. Download that and unzip it. Turn on Eclipse, then go into Callisto software updates and then select the Eclipse java Development tool, the JST (J2EE tools project), and then click on the select required button. All in all about 9 packages will be downloaded and you have your baseline setup. Then go grab SpringIDE and you are set. The hard disk footprint of your Eclipse 3.2 install will be quite small. Hope that helps.


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                      The Spring update site has errors:

                      Network connection problems encountered during search.
                      Unable to access "".
                      Error parsing site stream. [White spaces are required between publicId and systemId.]
                      Error parsing site stream. [White spaces are required between publicId and systemId.]