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  • running petclinic on Eclipse

    I've installed the latest versions of Eclipse, Tomcat and the Spring-IDE. Being fairly new to java, I'm still not super comfortable with the concept of building/running web apps and the various entries that must be made in the classpath file to make everything run smoothly. So I was wondering what I need to do get to get the petclinic app to run both with and without debugging (obviously) from within Eclipse. I've read the readme.txt and the petclinic.html but these docs, while immensely helpful, didn't answer my sepcific questions.

    Here is a list of relevant installation locations
    1. Eclipse --> C:\Eclipse
    2. Spring Framework with Dependencies --> C:\Eclipse\Spring
    3. PetClinic --> C:\Eclipse\Spring\samples\petclinic
    4. J2SE Dev Kit 5.0 --> C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_06
    I don't see any errors in Eclipse for the petclinic package which means (I think) that all import statements and references are resolving fine. I just need to figure out to get Eclipse to run/debug the app. Any help would be appreciated. If I'm posting to the wrong forum I apolgize in advance and would be happy to move this post as directed!

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    I have the exact same task. I'm new to Spring and Eclipse (though not to Java).

    I have ant-ed the PetClinic and deployed it with Tomcat on localhost. That took a day.
    I now want to open PetClinic with Eclipse. What do I do? I've clicked around Import and New Project and..., but nothing works for me.

    Please? It must be an easy task for you heroes out there.
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      Hello again,

      I've managed to import the WAR-file and make it run on Tomcat out of Eclipse.

      But the WAR-file doesn't include the JAVA-files, so I can't make changes. Adding them to the project can be done, but Eclipse then still doesn't know that I want to compile the files to the right position in the WAR-directory-structure (I believe).

      And loads of files show errors. Lots of simple, uninteresting and unrecoverable errors like wrong HTML-Tags in the documentation or the cut-up-status of the jsp-files (that is opening tags in header.jsp, closing tags in footer.jsp).

      It seems a good starting point, though.