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  • GGTS run-app times out using Grails Command button

    I'm using GGTS version 3.2.0 and Grails 2.2.1.

    When I use the "Grails Command" toolbar button to do a run-app, the app runs and then a minute later times out and gives me the error shown below.

    When I use the Run Configuration set up to do a Grails run-app, it works fine with no timeout.

    Question: What's wrong the with "Grails Command" button? How can I make it work without timing out?

    Using the "Grails Command" button:
    Step 1: Click "Grails Command" button.
    Step 2: Enter "run-app"
    Result: The app compiles and runs fine. The status line perpetually says "grails run-app: (33%)" and the Progress windows shows 33%.
    After one minute, I get an alert:

    Problem Occurred
    'grails run-app' has encounted a problem.
    Problem executing: run-app

    Details > >

    Problem executing: run-app
    The command 'C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_17\bin\javaw.exe (Jun 13, 2013 12:52:02 PM)' was terminated because it didn't produce new output for some time.

    See details for the output produced so far.

    If you think the command simply needed more time, you can increase the time limit in the Grails preferences page.

    See menu Windows >> Preferences >> Grails >> Launch
    | Loading Grails 2.2.1
    | Configuring classpath.
    | Environment set to development.....
    | Packaging Grails application.....
    | Compiling 1 source files.....
    | Running Grails application
    | Server running. Browse to http://localhost:8080/zzzzz


    Terminating process: Timeout: no new output for 60000 milliseconds

    Using the normal Run button:
    Step 1: Set up a Run Configuration for Grails run-app.
    Step 2: Run it.
    Result: It runs without errors or timeouts.

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    The 'Command Button' in the toolbar was never really intented for running 'run-app' but for commands you run to do things like 'create-domain class' etc.
    Those commands generally are expected to do something in a certain amount of time and then complete. If those commands don't terminate or produce output for some time it usually means something went wrong (deadlock? blocked on network issue?).

    To run a 'run-app' we intended that people would use 'Run As >> Grails Command (run-app)' menu. As you noticed... that works as you expected.

    Now... you are certainly not the first to be confused by this and we concluded that our idea that people wouldn't use the 'Command button' or the grails popup prompt to run 'run-app' was really a mistake on our part.

    It is indeed quite logical for people to want to do what you are doing and it should work.

    So we have since fixed that problem (see (1)). But the fix is only available in a milestone build. It will be in GGTS 3.3.0 release in the near future.

    So in the mean time you have a few options:

    - increase timeout value in the Grails Launch preferences page to an insanely large value.
    - only use 'Run As' menu to do run-app not the command button or prompt.
    - install/update GGTS from a milestone update site (2) or (3) (pick the right one probably you need the e4.2 one)


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