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  • Support for Gradle 1.6 custom models in the Tooling API


    One of the new features of Gradle 1.6 is custom models in the Tooling API. The major use case for this feature is to support Android's custom model. We (as in Android) already have good support for this feature in Android Studio, and we are going to start working on the same kind of support for Eclipse, so we can have Gradle-based Android Projects in ADT (Android Development Tools for Eclipse.)

    We are going to be taking a look at the source code at the eclipse-integration-gradle plug-in to understand better how we can contribute.

    I already read the Readme file in the GitHub project and I understand how to contribute, but I still have a question. In the case of code contributions (pull requests) would you also like to have issues created in JIRA?

    For the curious, I wrote a blog post about what we are trying to achieve here:

    We will be posting here pretty frequently with questions :-)

    Many thanks,

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    Hi Alex,

    It is great that you want to contribute!

    If it makes sense to create Jira issues go ahead. If it makes sense to you to just create pull request. That is fine as well.

    It really depends on what makes sense to you and what you wanted to contribute.

    E.g. if you already have code ready you wanted to contribute then it seems creating a pull request immediately would be the way to go. If you rather have ideas on features and wanted to propose them and discuss before putting in a lot of coding work then mayeb it is more sense to open an issue first.

    I think maybe, unless you already have something that's 'finished' to contribute maybe it makes most sense open a Jira ticket to touch base and discuss before doing the coding work. This to avoid situation where you put in a lot of work into a pull request to only afterwards find out we can't accept it for whatever reason.



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      Thanks, Kris. We'll touch base with you as we make progress :-)