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  • STS Auto Workpace Configuration - How to Modify tcserver JVM arugments ?


    This is a follow-up question to my earlier post on STS Auto Workspace Configuration.

    Here is what I have completed so far;
    #1) checkout maven project(s) from source repository (subversion).
    #2) apply maven profiles (defined in the pom.xml) during the project build step.
    #3) create tc server instance and configure for that project.

    As per suggestion from Martin Lippert, I refererd to this class to create the new server instance :

    The quesiton is - How to Modify the VM arguments for the new tcsever instance ?
    I am interested in modifying the "-Djava.endorsed.dirs" property to a different location.

    The default value for this property always points to ->
    -Djava.endorsed.dirs="C:\Program Files\springsource310\vfabric-tc-server-developer-2.7.2.RELEASE\tomcat-7.0.30.A.RELEASE\endorsed"

    Please let me know if you have any suggestion...


  • #2
    You'll need to call the ModifyExtraVmArgsCommand to add new VM arguments. Normally the endorsed directories argument is hardcoded at another level of the tooling, but calling this command should should overwrite any existing arguments with the ones you've added.

    Note that the content of the VM arguments panel in Eclipse/STS is only updated after you've launched your server, so if you're testing to see whether the command took any effect, you'll need to launch the TcServer first.