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  • Spring MVC- target\m2e-wtp\web-resources does not exist error


    New to STS and maven, so really appreciate any help i can get.

    Using eclipse-Juno, installed STS and maven from marketplace.
    In eclipse new->spring template project->spring mvc

    When i try to run the project on weblogic server i get following error =>target\m2e-wtp\web-resources" does not exist.
    Is there something i need to change in a maven related config file.

    Thank you

    <[WebAppModule(_auto_generated_ear_:myproject)] Document root: "C:\development\workspace\myproject\target\m2e-wtp\web-resources" does not exist.>

    <Mar 23, 2013 11:07:35 PM EDT> <Error> <Deployer> <BEA-149265> <Failure occurred in the execution of deployment request with ID "1364094455403" for task "0". Error is: "weblogic.application.ModuleException:

    [HTTP:101027][WebAppModule(_auto_generated_ear_:myproject)] Document root: "C:\development\workspace\myproject\target\m2e-wtp\web-resources" does not exist."

    weblogic.application.ModuleException: [HTTP:101027][WebAppModule(_auto_generated_ear_:myproject)] Document root: "C:\development\workspace\myproject\target\m2e-wtp\web-resources" does not exist.

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    When i installed STS and tried to create New Spring template project->Spring MVC project
    i get an error project requires bundle org.eclipse.m2e.core
    The project gets created with compilation errors.

    I then installed maven plugin from eclipse marketplace and the compile errors went away.
    Could this be causing the error while deploying? Do i need to install something else?

    Really hoping somebody can help out. Most tutorials on the web about creating mvc projects using STS don't warn about this error.

    Thank you


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      Most of the template projects are based on Maven and configured to use the Maven Integration for Eclipse. If you install STS from the Marketplace into an existing Eclipse installation, do might not have that Maven Integration installed in your Eclipse already, therefore you need to manually add that. This is what the warning in the template project wizard is all about.

      I would also install the m2e-wtp addition (also available from the Marketplace), I guess that is causing your deploy problem.

      As an alternative, you could also download an STS distribution from It is a ready-to-use Eclipse distribution with all the necessary components pre-installed. Usually it is a lot easier to use that manually installing everything you need from the Marketplace.



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        Thanks for your response… resolved this issue (had the wrong maven plugin installed).
        Not pretending i understand the root cause(uninstalled maven integration for eclipse, and installed maven integration for eclipse WTP). Someday when i get the basics correct, i will try to understand the difference in the 2 plugins.


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          Glad to hear it is working and thanks for letting us know.

          With regards to the difference between those two plugins:
          Usually you need both: The Maven Integration for Eclipse (m2e) and the Maven Integration for Eclipse WTP(m2e-wtp). The latter is just an addition to the first one and in case you install the m2e-wtp part, I think you get the latest version of m2e installed as well. m2e provides the fundamental integration of Maven into Eclipse, whereas m2e-wtp adds additional functionality for projects in Eclipse that use the Eclipse Webtools.

          Hope this explains the difference between those two plugins.