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  • Existing Project Migration from Indigo to STS Dependencies not Auto-Resolving

    Hi All,

    So I get this mothballed project, I have no idea how it was originally constructed. Looks like Spring 3.0.5 core. I pull the source down with subclipse into Eclipse Indigo. The first thing I notice is that the spring dependencies wont resolve. I guess the original developer didn't check the spring libraries into SVN. The J2EE app will compile into a WAR file with some help of ANT and some IVY scripts that resolve the dependencies. But these do nothing to help eclipse resolve the spring dependency issues in the IDE, I still see the red-rash. So I thought I would give the STS a try in hopes that this sophisticated spring dedicated environment will help me to resolve these dependencies. Well, I pull the project back into STS with subclipse, but the same dependency issues remain. So my knee jerk reaction is what is all the hype around STS then if it can't resolve what it was engineered to do. I know that may sound critical, but it's also an opportunity for some developers to say ... oh, if I see this package namespace in the project, maybe it's a Spring Project...and then proceeds to auto straighten out the mess. Come on now, GO-IOC! Wasn't that the whole point behind all this spring framework lay down some train tracks and template-ize J2EE software development? Is there some magic button that will help me resolve these dependencies or should I just bite the bullet and use jarfinder to find the original jars and include them on the build path? Forget IOC, I need The Magic Wand!

    Thx in Advance

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    And how come this is related to STS... So you expect alll projects, regardless of build, structure and whatever more that STS automagically knows which dependencies to resolve?! If you can write such a plugin for eclipse I guess you are tha man...

    You mention the project is ant+ivy based, then install the Eclipse IVY plugin which knows how to deal with ivy dependencies, another option would be to do a build I guess your ivy puts the downloaded jars in a directory somewhere and put those on your build path.