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  • how to configure my own template projects

    hi all,
    I'd like to create my own template project. However i couldn't find how to configure it.
    i tried by guessing the configuration from

    But error occured in selection template projects.
     Error while downloading or parsing descriptors file 'file:/Users/XXX/workspace/springmvc-jpa-blank/descriptor.xml':
    (I tried with STS 3.1.0.RELEASE)

    Is there any document?

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    We are working on a blog posting about this that explains all the details. Unfortunately we weren't able to push that out yet.
    In the meantime, if you send us your descriptors.xml file, we can take a look and help, if you want.



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      I would also guess that you would need to configure "file:///Users/..." to make this a valid URI to a local file system...


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        Dear Martin
        Thank you for your quick respose

        I've found that my xml is invalid... and successfully downloaded.

        this is first sample

        but after created a project by template wizard, there were no source code...
        I seem to have something wrong to package..

        original project is here

        I'm looking forward to reading your post!


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          Hi making

          Unfortunately your template is hitting this bug where the token replacement is stepping over the project name. Since your template package is com.example.mvc and your template project name is springmvc-jpa-blank, the {mvc} portion of the path is renamed, and the result is that source files aren't copied over properly.

          For now, if you need to get this to work I'd suggest you avoid using package tokens in your project name until this bug can get fixed.


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            Dear community

            Thank you for your help!

            I successfully made my custom template project!

            decriptors.xml is here

            you can use my template like the screeAttachment n shot
            Attached Files


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              Awesome to see new template projects coming up!!! Great!!!

              The screenshot got scaled down too much to read it, but you just need to go to the preferences and put the second URL (the one to the descriptors.xml) in as a new Spring Template location.

              Some comments:
              When I use it, it says I would need to download something of around 415000 bytes? I think that is not the right number, right?
              When I used it, it doesn't configure the project as a Maven project and it doesn't configure source folders, etc. It doesn't look like a ready-to-use project that gets created. Is that intended? Just asking...

              Last edited by Martin Lippert; Nov 1st, 2012, 12:04 PM.


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                Dear Martin Lippert

                I just wrote wiki page to use it.

                > I think that is not the right number, right?
                yes, it's adhock size... should be modified.

                > it doesn't configure the project as a Maven project
                I don't know why the output is not created as java project, so i convert to Maven project manually as i mentioned in wiki page.


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                  I think you "just" would need to include the .project and .classpath metadata files in your project to get the project configured as a ready-to-use Maven project.