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  • GGTS 3.0 Fresh Install - Grails Plugin Manager list empty

    I just installed GGTS 3.0 in the path: c:\gts and created a grails project. When I run the Grails Plugin Manager from the context menu the window appears but I do not see any plugin in the list.

    Copied from Error Log:
    java.vendor=Sun Microsystems Inc.
    BootLoader constants: OS=win32, ARCH=x86_64, WS=win32, NL=en_US
    Framework arguments:  -product org.springsource.ggts.ide
    Command-line arguments:  -os win32 -ws win32 -arch x86_64 -product org.springsource.ggts.ide
    Tue Oct 02 00:24:59 ALMT 2012
    Unable to find or generate plugins list in: C:\Users\myuser\.grails\2.1.0
    I checked the permission on the above .grails path, and it seems ok.

    From Console:
    | Loading Grails 2.1.0
    | Configuring classpath.
    | Environment set to development.....
    | Error An error occurred resolving plugin list from resolver [grailsCentral -].
    Plug-ins you currently have installed are listed below:
    cache               1.0.0            --  Cache Plugin
    database-migration  1.1              --  Grails Database Migration Plugin
    hibernate           2.1.0            --  Hibernate for Grails
    jquery              1.7.2            --  JQuery for Grails
    resources           1.1.6            --  Resources
    tomcat              2.1.0            --  Apache Tomcat plugin for Grails
    webxml              1.4.1            --  WebXmlConfig
    To find more info about plugin type 'grails plugin-info [NAME]'
    To install type 'grails install-plugin [NAME] [VERSION]'
    For further info visit
    Please help.

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    It looks like there's some problem downloading the list of plugins from grails central. I cannot say what is causing it. But there are some guesses:

    - temporary problem with grails-central (the plugin list sometimes gets corrupted on the site)
    - a network/firewall issue on your end.

    I just tried fetching the list of plugins and it seems ok, so if it was a temporary problem, seems like it is fixed now.
    If it is not... could it be a network/firewall issue on your end?

    If so, you may need to tell grails to use proxies to access the internet.
    There is a specific grails command for that. See here:

    If that is not working, you may als try setting Java system properties related to proxies.
    The system properties are documented here:

    You can set them via the Grails preferences via menu:
    "Window >> Preferences >> Groovy >> Grails >> Launch".
    There's a table there you can add properties to. Anything added here should be passed on to any grails command executed by STS.