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    It has Java SE 1.6. However, in my pom.xml I have specified this for the maven-compiler plugin:


    This should tell maven to use java 1.7. I have installed oracle java 7 and configured GGTS Preferences>Intalled JREs to point at that. Yet, somehow, m2eclipse always sets the project properties to Java SE 1.6 after I run Maven>Update Project. I don't know where it is getting this setting. Nothing in my pom or anything in GGTS is telling it to use 1.6.


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      The grails-maven configurator tries to get the java level from the maven-compiler-plugin. If it can't find it, then it just defaults to 1.6. I'm guessing that for some reason the configurator is not finding your snippet. This might be a bug in the grails-maven configurator. I'll take a look.


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        Definitely a bug on our side. I don't think it will be able to make it into GGTS 3.1.0, however. It will be in a nightly build shortly after the release. I raised this issue:

        Please keep track of progress there.


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          I am also getting these two other warnings --

          The resource is a duplicate of .link_to_grails_plugins/hibernate-2.1.1/grails-app/i18n/ and was not copied to the output folder /versantium/.link_to_grails_plugins/jquery-1.8.0/grails-app/i18n

          The resource is a duplicate of .link_to_grails_plugins/hibernate-2.1.1/grails-app/i18n/ and was not copied to the output folder /versantium/.link_to_grails_plugins/resources-1.1.6/grails-app/i18n

          This is a completely empty grails project. I just did create-app and create-pom on the command line and them imported it as a maven project into GGTS.


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            This is unrelated to maven and is a has to do with how Eclipse manages Grails classpaths. Because grails plugins may each have their own i18n folders and files, but placed in the same package and with the same name as other plugins, this can cause conflicts due to duplicated resources. This will not affect the built war files since the grails build process packages things up properly.

            Other than the warnings, are you seeing any odd behavior?


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              So far, so good

              Originally posted by Andrew Eisenberg View Post
              Other than the warnings, are you seeing any odd behavior?
              So far, I haven't noticed anything other than the warnings.


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                If I have some UI usability issues who would I tell about those? There are some frustrating things about trying to use GGTS on a netbook with a small screen. The way screen real estate works, sometimes I have to resize my window beyond the size of the netbook screen when trying to get access to some elements. I have run into this problem when trying to use the 'Install new software' feature. The list of items to install is invisible unless I unmaximize the screen ad stretch it out some. The same problem exists for details that are displayed if you select one of the items in the list.


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                  The best thing to do is to raise an issue on our issue tracker:


                  Please attach screenshots and your screen resolution

                  It may be that the problem has more to do Eclipse and is not related to GGTS in particular. But, raise the issue and we will have a deeper look.