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    Glad to hear that I could help!


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      Thread dump as requested.

      Hey Martin, sorry for the slow response on this one - I've attached a thread dump for you in the hope you can shed some light on this, I'm now 10+ minutes into waiting for STS to open.

      Thanks in advance, Stephen.


      and after a force quit, pretty much the same:


      D'ya think this is the offending thread?

      "Worker-0" prio=5 tid=116849000 nid=0x1184c0000 waiting for monitor entry [1184bf000]
      java.lang.Thread.State: BLOCKED (on object monitor)
      at org.eclipse.wst.server.core.internal.Server.clearM oduleCache(

      Question is though, if :

      $ ps -ef | grep glassfish
      502 8477 4519 0 12:07pm ttys000 0:00.00 grep glassfish

      reveals nothing, who's holding the monitor..?

      Thanks, S.
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        That is an interesting thread dump. It looks like there is something causing a locking between different parts of the initialization process. Is this the case when you open an empty new workspace as well?



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          Hey Martin, no actually a spanking new workspace loads pretty quickly, as we'd expect - I'm still having the slow performance once loaded issues, but I'll try the patch and sts.ini setting recommended and get back to you.

          I also try and recreate my workspace afresh and let you know how I get on.

          Thanks for trying to resolve this for us mate, much appreciated - Stephen.


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            Has the patch been withdrawn Martin? Can't see it in the Dashboard and getting access denied from the update site...

            Cheers, Stephen.


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              The patch is not showing up on the Dashboard if it is already installed. Did you use a fresh installation of STS and that piece is not showing up? Once you installed that, it should not be there anymore. To check, you can activate the "show installed" checkbox on the top right of the extension install on the dashboard to verify. The patch is specific to the STS installation, not the workspace.

              The "access denied" message is something that you get when you browse to that URL, since it doesn't have a index html page. It is just an update site. You can put that URL into the "install new software" dialog instead.



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                Sorry my bad, got it thanks...

                Unfortunately still have the hang on STS start though, same thread dump, but this time it's a completely new workspace with my (git) projects re-imported..


                Any further thoughts?

                Also are you planning (or already have) upgraded to Juno SR1 ( to address the JPA Java Change Event handler processing?

                Thanks again, Stephen.
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                  Hey Stephen!

                  Thanks for the additional thread dumps. That is helpful!!!
                  And yes, we will update to Juno SR1 with STS 3.1.0 (planned for beginning of October, shortly after Juno SR1 is out).



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                    I'm having performance issues related to upgrading an STS 2.9 project to 3.0.

                    I see the "JPA Java Change Event Handler (Waiting)" message after every code change. Occasionally, the STS 3.0 screen appears dimmed, with a white-ish display.

                    Other times, the UI of STS 3.0 lags considerably. It seems "JPA Java Change Event Handler (Waiting)" is constantly being processed.

                    Am I better off returning to STS 2.9 until the SR1 update of Juno can be folded into STS 3.0? I've already installed the STS 3.0 patch.

                    Thanks in advance.



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                      Hey Hugh!

                      What you could also do is to start with an Eclipse SDK 3.8 and install STS and all the other pieces manually:

                      The other way is to continue to use STS 2.9 and wait for STS 3.1.0 that will be based on Juno SR1.



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                        Thanks for the idea of installing STS into an Eclipse 3.8 SDK.

                        For now, I've disabled JPA validation, which seems to resolve my issue.



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                          Originally posted by paolo_denti View Post
                          Hi all,
                          i have the following issue with 3.0 on OSX (mountain lion)
                          Installed cocoa 64bit version, opened on a new workspace
                          Installed subversive, restarted, installed the svnkit 1.3.7 connector, restarted, hangs forever

                          Retried 2 times more, from scratch, fully repeatable behaviour

                          Hi Paolo

                          I've been tracking your bug and I've discovered that this is a problem with the SVNKit 1.3.7 connector. The SVNKit 1.7.4 connector should work fine, as well as the JavaHL connectors. Are you able to use one of those?

                          I've opened STS-2858: installing Subversive into STS 3.0.0 will lock up STS with more information.


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                            Originally posted by Martin Lippert View Post

                            We have created a feature patch for the performance issue mentioned above. You can install it directly from the Dashboard into an existing STS/GGTS 3.0.0 installation. Can you please try this to see if this helps with the performance problems you observe?

                            The other way is to install the feature patch directly from this update site:

                            Please let us know what your experiences are using this patch!

                            I did experience poor performance when switching editors/perspectives etc. After installing the patch the ide feel much more responsive.



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                              Hey Jens!

                              Thanks for letting us know. Good to hear!



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                                I discovered that STS 3.0.0 has been bundled for Eclipse 3.7.2 . The links are just missing from the download page.

                                To get a download link, replace "4.2" with "3.7" in the link from .

                                For example,

                                STS 3.0.0 on Eclipse 3.7.2 (for linux-gtk):

                                GGTS 3.0.0 on Eclipse 3.7.2 (for linux-gtk):

                                I wonder why these versions aren't published on the download page.

                                I'm having problems with Eclipse 4.2 because of this bug:
                                The most annoying is the flashing and slowness when I switch to another file/editor.
                                Others have critized the slowness problems too:

                                I'm glad STS/GGTS 3.0 is available on Eclipse 3.7.2 too.