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  • all available methods on a class are not displayed

    I am using SpringSource TooSuite 2.9.1 / Eclipse 3.7.2

    I'm following Manning's Grails in Action book of the examples deals with
    1:m relationships this case one User object has many Posts ( listing 3.11 on pp 83 of book )

    ...basically, you instantiate a User object , a few Post objects and then add the Post objects
    to the User object ...

    Whether I run the app from the command line or from within the SpringSource ToolSuite,
    the app runs PERFECT, however, when I have the class open in the ToolSuite
    development environment, doing a "user. " does NOT list user.addToPosts
    as an available method displays user.addToPosts indicating that addToPosts
    is not available ...

    Once again, the code runs fine but it is very frustrating that the ToolSuite seems to think
    addToPosts is illegal ....any ideas ?

    My Posts class
    package com.grailsinaction

    class Post {
    String content
    Date dateCreated

    static belongsTo = [user: User]

    static constraints = {
    content(blank: false)

    My User class
    package com.grailsinaction

    class User {
    Profile profile

    String userId
    String password

    Date dateCreated

    static hasMany = [posts: Post]

    static constraints = {
    userId(size:3..20, unique:true)
    password(size: 6..8, validator: {passwd,user-> return passwd != user.userId})
    profile(nullable: true)

    static mapping = {
    profile lazy: false


    fragment from my Test class

    void testFirstPost() {
    def user = new User(userId: 'joe', password: 'secret').save()

    def post1 = new Post(content: "First post... woooo")
    def post2 = new Post(content: "Second post... woooo")
    def post3 = new Post(content: "Third post... woooo")

    user.addToPosts(post3) true)
    assertEquals 3, User.get(

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    Thanks for posting. This addTo* methods are not yet supported in STS. I raised an issue to track this:


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      This feature is now available in GGTS 3.2.0.M2 (will be available in a day or two).