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  • Problems with upgraded Grails project in STS 2.9.1

    I have a problem with STS 2.9.1 and Grails 2.0.3 on MacOS Lion:

    I have a small Grails app that used to run with Grails 2.0.1. I did a 'grails upgrade' to upgrade to Grails 2.0.3. Now I cannot run the app from inside STS anymore, although it still works perfectly on the command line with 'grails run-app'. STS complains about a missing grails-bootstrap-2.0.1.jar which is still referenced by the class path - which it isn't.

    What *does* help is symlinking grails-bootstrap-2.0.3.jar to grails-bootstrap-2.0.1.jar - but this is not the solution I prefer.

    "grails clean", "Project clean" etc. all do nothing to solve the problem.

    Can anyone help me with that? Thanks in advance!

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    STS remembered Grails version as 2.0.1. (You provide it when you create new Grails project via STS wizard)
    Just change it!


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      Thank you for your suggestion. I already upgraded Grails in STS, the configured Grails version is 2.0.3. New projects created with STS work fine with Grails 2.0.3 - the error only occurs when doing a run-app of the 'old' app inside STS, though it works fine on the command line.

      Any other ideas?


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        I was thinking about project specific settings.

        Maybe STS remember that 2.0.1 was used, and still apped old version number?
        So check project specific settings.

        Or maybe its hardcoded somewhere in your project?
        So make project wise text search for "2.0.1"


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          Thanks again!

          There are no project specific settings, the project uses the workspace default which is Grails 2.0.3.

          I already grepped for '2.0.1', there are no hits in Groovy, Java, XML or text files; only the produced WAR file is a binary match.


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            Did you try "Grails Tools >> Refresh Dependencies". It sounds to me like the contents of the "Grails Dependencies" is still using something that was cached from before the upgrade. If "Refresh Dependencies" doesn't fix it then check to make sure that
            Grails preferences (check both global and project specific ones, project specific ones can override the global ones) correctly configure Grails 2.0.3 as the Grails install you want to use).