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  • Working without a (working) internet connection

    Our firewalls at work have the lovely feature of mangling binary files (this is a Symantec "feature").
    Therefore, requiring internet connection with download capability for a simple feature like creating a template project is a royal pain. (Also how is it meant to work for mobile working without full connectivity?).

    Is there a simple way of getting all of the dependencies installed locally? (I.e something we can get from a properly connected machine - without springsource tool suite installed on it).

    It might be worth putting some of this in the FAQ alongside the update problems (which I also have). For extra points if you could tell me how to get the files for adding features like grails that would be good too - as that's currently impossible too.

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    Thanks for the feedback around the offline use case. Here are a few comments that hopefully help you:

    Installing Groovy/Grails: There are plenty of messages here explaining how to download the update sites manually and install Groovy/Grails support then from those local update sites. The archived STS update site can be downloaded from the usual STS download page ( You can then add that update site as a local update site to your STS installation (Preferences -> Update/Install -> Available Update Sites). If you wanna get Groovy/Grails support, you also need the archived update site of the Groovy-Eclipse project, which can be found from this page: And I agree, we should add this to the FAQ, for example and make the process a lot simpler in the future.

    Dependencies installed locally: The template projects mostly use Maven to manage their dependencies. And Maven uses a local Maven repository on your machine for offline usage and quick access. So depending on the template project you would like to use, its necessary to make sure that those dependencies are in your local Maven repo already. The template projects are a bit difficult to setup locally, since they require you to download the template itself once. After that it is also cached locally, but similar to the Maven dependencies, you would need to get this stuff on your machine once. And there is currently no easy way to do that outside of STS for the template projects. The easiest way would be to get STS connected to the internet once to cache the necessary template projects, but that doesn't sound possible.

    In general, if your machine is completely disconnected from the internet, I would recommend to create Spring projects locally and add dependencies as local JAR files. This would be the safest (although maybe not the most comfortable) way to go. And maybe you can get someone to create a project with your names in it from the template you want and copy that over to your machine.

    But I definitely take your feedback with me and into the discussion about how to improve the template experience with STS!!!